Lady Annex

Lady Annex

Compiled of three Portland icons while not tourist attractions, speak to Portland's true nature. Our Lady mural, Schnitzer Concert hall sign, and Annex Building.


    All the designs are originally photographed, designed, and printed by hand. They are digitally screen-printed with plastisol inks then heat pressed into the clothes with 100 lbs. of pressure at 325 degrees fahrenheit. All items should be washed inside out. All sizing is uni-sex so the products will run larger for women. Sweatshirts and grey t-shirts are a polyester/cotton blend. Black and white t-shirts are 100% cotton.


    We do not accept refunds, however as we want you to be 100% satisfied in the fit of our products we allow a 10-day exchange policy within receiving your items if sizing is incorrect.


    All items are printed custom and we ask you be understanding of the custom process as we print then ship all items in house.